Is Chiropractic a Scam?

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Is Chiropractic a Scam?

The Healthcare System, Health Insurance, The Food System, The Federal Banking System, and that used car salesman who will tell you anything to sell you a lemon, are all Scams.

One question I hear about Chiropractic, and I love this, is, “Is Chiropractic a Scam?”

So, let’s set the “Scam” myth straight, and help those who want to be helped.

Scam Defined

finding the truth in chiropracticLet’s start this conversation with a basic understanding of what a Scam is.

Scam: A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle. To cheat; defraud. (The Free Dictionary)

Equipped now with a better understanding of the word Scam, the question becomes, “are Chiropractors swindling, cheating, and defrauding people?”

To swindle, cheat, and defraud would lead one to the logical conclusion that said swindling, cheating, and defrauding must result in financial gain, or some kind of personal power.

Would you agree with this logic?

Now, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor, in 2010 the mean annual income for an American Chiropractor was $79,820. (Reference: wikianswers)

Not a bad income, but definitely not Scam worthy.

The Real Scam Revealed

Chiropractors are an extremely small sliver of the healthcare pie, and simply don’t represent enough healthcare dollars to command the title of Scammer.

The No-Fluff Truth is the Real Scam is the entire Medical Matrix.

The real scam of healthcare revealedThe paradigm of medicine including Medical Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, and Health Insurance are a Multi-Trillion dollar industry feeding on the Scam of Health.

The Real Scam is that it’s ok to neglect your body, that it’s ok to not take responsibility for what you shove in your mouth, and that it’s ok to wait for heart disease and diabetes, because the Medical Matrix has a “quick fix” for what ails you.

The Real Scam you’re being fed right now is that Healing can come from Outside-In, from an over-the-counter pain reliever, a prescription drug, or if that doesn’t work, doctors can cut the damn disease right out, and you’ll be healed.

According to the Organization for Economic Development (OECD), we spend $7,960 per person per year for health care in the U.S., totaling about $2.5 trillion. Additionally, the U.S. Government currently covers approximately 46% of U.S. health care costs, which means you and I are footing a $1.13 trillion health care bill.  (Reference: Forbes)

So, let’s put this into perspective… We spend on average $7,960 PLUS what we pay in taxes to the current Healthcare System that functions within the Medical Matrix.

And Chiropractic is a Scam???

Do “Chiropractors” Scam?

Once again, we must refer back to the Paradigm of Practice to answer this question.

Do Chiropractors Scam? The No-Fluff Truth is, YES

Therapeutic Chiropractors practice in the medical paradigmThose Chiropractors who elect to practice within the Medical Matrix of chasing symptoms to appease the patient, offering ancillary services that don’t support true health, and who bill insurance for the sake of capitalizing on a failing system are scamming.

Now, to be clear here, I don’t think most of these Chiropractors are Scammers. They’re good people with good intentions, who have unfortunately been conditioned, like the majority of us all, to believe the Medical Matrix is the way to Health.

This simply is NOT TRUE.

Remember, the Real Scam is the paradigm, not the doctor, or the Chiropractor.

The Medical paradigm is a Sick Care System that maintains people in sickness, trying to sell Health.

The Chiropractic Paradigm is a Health Care System maintaining people in Optimal Health Potential, and selling Truth.

Is Chiropractic a Scam?

Scam, by its very definition, is a lie and cheat.

We can now logically conclude then, Chiropractic, as practiced within the Chiropractic Paradigm, is NOT A SCAM.

The Real Scam is the paradigm selling Health, but maintains Sickness for the financial gain of the industry and it’s investors.

The Real Scam is the Medical Matrix version of Health.

Weigh in on the conversation and leave a comment below about who the Real Scammers are in Healthcare.

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